Sanela Dizdar

is Graphic Designer and artist. Originally from Bosnia, lived for 6 years in Sweden and moved to Canada 12 years ago where she lives with her family. Recently moved from Mississauga to Kitchener. All these traveling and getting to know different cultures added new horizons in her experienced artistic expressions. She loves to create, experiment, learn and eager to get inspired by fellow artists.

She feels like having something in her hands worth to share. A constant self- challenger that while creating enjoys the process of discovering the final outcome of the art piece. It is always fun to try something different, to show strokes that communicate values and her fascinations and again uncover limitlessness in shape, technique, movement and feelings.

Sanela’s favorite tools of expression beside digital pencil are pastel, acrylic, oil and graphite.

Lately Sanela is torn between landscapes of endless game of painting water as alive and portretic impressions of human emotions:
- Water as ever-changing and colorful phenomenon craves from her as the artist to catch the details of movement and space as dimensions. Endless number of shades makes you want to touch it.
- Contrasting that B/W graphite portraits and figures (or a monochromatic choice of color) while blending those invisible strokes make powerful statement and wonderful challenge to transfer the emotions. That game of light is a non-verbal communication of calm, simplicity and piece. For her the real piece of art can capture attention of onlooker and lock him in the inner depth of emotions. Every art piece speaks for itself, as it is alive

It is up to you to find that look or wind of whisper that reveals its own story. That depends only on you how much you want to allow yourself to hear it.